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Workshop: Editing point of view in fiction and narrative non-fiction – Saturday May 4, 2024

This two-part online workshop will consider the question of point of view in both fiction and narrative non-fiction from an editor’s perspective. We will look closely at narrative voice — first, second and third person — and weigh up the effectiveness and limitations of each and how to communicate this to writers.

The workshop will explore perplexities such as:

  • What are the benefits of a first person narrative? Equally, what are the constraints and potential pitfalls of this voice?
  • When is a third person voice most effective; and what are the traps to look out for here?
  • Is omniscience ever truly omniscient?

We will also look at narrative vantage point and ask: From where is the story being told? And how does the narrator’s vantage point affect the emotional tone and direction of the narrative (particularly for memoir editing).

Finally, we will flip point of view to that of the reader and ask: who is listening? Is the reader being treated as an insider or an outsider to the world being portrayed? And how does this influence the writing?

This session will be delivered online using Zoom. There are two parts to the course and it is necessary to attend both sessions.

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