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Winners of the Fourteenth International Poetry Competition announced – Thursday January 21, 2016 is pleased to announce the winner and special commendations in its Fourteenth International Poetry Competition, which closed on November 1, 2015.

Congratulations go to A.J. Graham, from Western Cape, South Africa, who wins £200 (around $350) for first place, with the poem "Sunday Mornings". The winning poem can be read online at 

Seven special commendations go out to the following entrants (in no particular order):

  • Jo Marsh, United Kingdom, "We Danced the Dance"; 
  • Annest Gwilym, United Kingdom, "Crows"; 
  • Mary Williams, United Kingdom, "This Is Not A Door"; 
  • Tracy Davidson, United Kingdom, "Silence on a June Morning, 1944"; 
  • John Ward, United Kingdom, "The Dry Valley at Malham"; 
  • Kate Rigby, United Kingdom, "Lesson from a Washing Line"; 
  • Shmavon Azatyan, Armenia, "My Island".

All the winners will be published in issue #29 of firstwriter.magazine (scheduled for release in summer, 2016), and will receive vouchers worth £24 / $36.

Meanwhile,'s Fifteenth International Poetry Competition is open for entries. Writers can submit up to ten poems of up to 30 lines each online at There are no restrictions on style or subject matter, and entries are welcomed from all over the world, provided they are in English.

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