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While $26 Billion Publishing Industry Is Flat, This Vertical Segment Is Exploding. Leverage These Insights To Ride The Wave – Thursday October 31, 2019

The publishing industry has gone through several transformations since the internet arrived with the introduction of e-readers, digital and audio books and the growth of book sales online. While this has crippled some companies who did not move with all the innovation, Borders Books for one, it has opened up new opportunities for the rising segment of self-publishing. 

An annual report form the Association of American Publishers indicated that the U.S. book publishing industry generated an estimated $26.23 billion in net revenue for 2017, representing 2.72 billion books. While this revenue is fairly flat, year over year, self publishing is rapidly rising with e-books, print on demand and audiobooks bringing in billions of U.S. dollars in revenue each year. According to the latest report from ProQuest affiliate Bowker, self-publishing grew at a rate of more than 28% in 2017. The total number of self-published titles grew from 786,935 to 1,009,188, surpassing the million mark for the first time.

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