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Want to write? Start by reading this book – Thursday September 22, 2022

“Write what you know” is a common slice of advice given to aspiring authors. Lansing area author Thomas C. Foster, who has taught college writing for more than four decades, has taken that wisdom to heart in his new book, “How to Write Like a Writer: A Sharp and Subversive Guide to Ignoring Inhibitions, Inviting Inspiration, and Finding Your True Voice.” 

Foster, who has written several books on how to read, including “How to Read Literature Like a Professor” and “How to Read Poetry Like a Professor,” was searching for a topic for his next book when he decided to write about what he knows best “how to write.” 

“I pretty much ran out of genres to write about,” Foster said. 

“This is a writing book for everyone interested in writing,” Foster said. 

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