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U.S. Authors Have Suffered A Drastic Decline In Earnings – Wednesday January 9, 2019

It's becoming increasingly difficult to make it as a professional writer in America today. A recent survey from the Authors Guild found that U.S. authors have suffered a drastic decline in earnings in recent years. The drop appears to be impacting nearly all categories of authorship and writers of literary fiction have been hardest hit, suffering a 43% fall in earnings since 2013. There was one exception and that was self-published authors who saw their book-related income almost double since 2013, though it remains 58% lower than for traditionally published authors. Across the board, median income for all categories of U.S. authors stood at $12,850 in 2007 and that has fallen steadily ever since, sinking to a historic low of $6,080 by 2017.

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