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The Soho Review, A Whip-Smart New Humor Magazine, Is Giving The Downtown Literati A Laugh – Thursday July 28, 2022

Feel like your sense of humor has been permanently warped by TikTok videos and Twitter memes? Do you look back fondly at a time when you could appreciate a punch line that wasn't delivered in 280 characters or less? Have you forgotten how to physically turn a page?

We just might have the antidote to your perpetual Social Media Brain. 

The treatment involves a hefty dose of clever comedy courtesy of The Soho Review: New York's Best and Only Humor Magazine. As they say, laughter is the best medicine.

And the buzzy new publication certainly has the smart set laughing. Launched by a trio of New York City creatives, The Soho Review is a collection of jokes, cartoons, poetry, short stories (and more) that fills the void where irreverent and intelligent humor used to be... especially in print.

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