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The £6 Billion UK Publishing Industry Sees A 3% Rise In Digital, 5% Drop In Physical Sales – Monday July 1, 2019

The United Kingdom's publishing industry's revenues hit £6 billion in 2018 off the back of its digital sales growth, according to new figures recently released by the Publishers Association. The bad news: A 5% drop in total physical sales accompanied the industry's 3% digital sales growth. Here's what the leading representative voice for UK publishers found in their new report.

Despite digital's upward trend, total digital sales figures remain well below those of print sales, at £653 million compared to print book sales' total of £2.9 billion. A list of key highlights from the full PA Publishing Yearbook 2018 also notes that the total consumer audiobook sales income is up 43% in 2018, reaching £69 million — that's a steep growth rate worth noting, even if it's not exactly unexpected.

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