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Sports Illustrated accused of publishing articles written by AI – Thursday November 30, 2023

The US sports publication Sports Illustrated is embroiled in scandal after it has been accused of running articles written by artificial intelligence.

An investigative report published by the science and technology news publication Futurism found Sports Illustrated published articles written by fake authors. These fake authors also had headshots and biographies generated by artificial intelligence, Futurism’s investigation found.

For instance, one profile page of purported author “Sora Tanaka” claims she is a product reviewer. The page said: “Sora has always been a fitness guru, and loves to try different foods and drinks. Ms Tanaka is thrilled to bring her fitness and nutritional expertise to the Product Reviews Team, and promises to bring you nothing but the best of the best.”

But it turns out, Sora Tanaka is not a real person.

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