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Scammers And Screenplays: Self-Publishing Scams On The Internet Today – Tuesday March 19, 2024

Scams around the entertainment business are nothing new. And as the allure of the film industry continues to captivate aspiring filmmakers, writers, and actors, scams have proliferated online. In this blog we'll explore the workings of one such scheme targeting authors who self-publish through Amazon.

The Amazon Scam

It all starts above-board. Maybe you've been frustrated by major publishers and agents just not "getting" your work. Maybe you like the speed, editorial control, and DIY-mcguvery involved. However you arrived there, you're now a self-published author at Amazon's Kindle Direct Publishing ( It's a great service for many people. Let's now follow one such hypothetical author, based on two actual clients who've consulted with us at Romano Law over the past few months.

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