Traditional Publishing

Publishing trends you can expect to see in 2024 – Wednesday February 7, 2024

George Chrysostomou explores the publishing trends to look out for in the year ahead, from the rise of AI to the ever-growing role of BookTok

2024 is set to be a massive year for the publishing industry, as it continues reshaping for a modern age. New audience interests and groundbreaking technology has challenged the traditions of the space. Shifting genres, alternative marketing methods and ever-changing styles are sure to lead to an alteration in publishing strategies, which will lead to noticeable differences that impact readers and their book choices.

The use of AI

Artificial intelligence appears to be the topic of discussion for the year, as writers and editors look at the benefits and drawbacks of this versatile and novel technology. Audiences are likely to come across more AI-influenced texts in 2024, with creators either crafting their narrative from scratch using artificial intelligence, or utilising it as a tool to reframe, refresh and reinvigorate their concepts and drafts.

There’s certainly a place for AI to be used in controlled spaces and when the creative minds themselves are in control. There may be worries that the human element could be lost with the increase in the use of this tech, but ultimately this will be a year where those boundaries are tested and the limits of AI are explored further. 

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