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Preditors & Editors seeks new caretaker – Wednesday October 19, 2016

The renowned site "Preditors & Editors" is seeking a new caretaker.

The site has been helping writers discriminate between scams, duds, and genuine opportunities since 1997, but much of the information has, in the site's own words, become "stale and outdated", and the listings have now been removed until they can be updated by a new caretaker.

Anyone interested in taking over the reins of P&E is advised that they will need "at least 20hrs/week, excellent investigative skills, in-depth knowledge of the publishing industry, ability to detect scams from not-scams, thick skin, good web site skills, [and] good writing ability". Interested parties should get in touch via

In the meantime, anyone still wanting to check whether literary agencies are scams or legitimate can find reports from a number of independent assessment services summarised in's literary agents database at