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How to find a literary agent: A masterclass with Juliet Mushens – Friday May 17, 2024

As an aspiring author, the journey to getting your book into print can seem like a daunting maze. But what if you had an insider's guide to navigating the publishing world and capturing the attention of a top-tier literary agent?

This unique masterclass with leading agent Juliet Mushens will demystify the process and reveal what it takes to make your submission stand out from the slush pile.

What will you learn?

In his comprehensive masterclass, you'll gain invaluable insights into how the publishing industry works and the role of a literary agent, including:

  • Expert tips on editing your novel to make it submission-ready

  • How to research and identify the best agents for your work

  • What agents look for in submissions, from manuscripts to cover letters

  • Crafting a killer pitch and blurb that hooks agents from the first line

  • Practical pitching exercises, with opportunities for feedback

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