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Christmas sale - 25 per cent off the Writers' Handbook 2018 – Tuesday December 12, 2017

For a limited time only, is offering copies of the 2018 edition of its acclaimed Writers' Handbook in ebook format at a 25% discount.

Every year, the period between Christmas and New Year is the busiest ebook selling week of the year, as people with lovely new ereaders from Santa look for content to load onto them. This year, the online ebook retailer Smashwords is aiming to make this a little easier on everyone's strained post-Christmas bank accounts, by running an End of Year sale: and the Writers' Handbook 2018 will be among the titles available at a discounted price.

The 2018 edition contains over 1,400 listings, including revised and updated listings from the 2017 edition, and nearly 400 brand new entries. It has more pages of publishers and more pages of magazines than the Writers' & Artists' Yearbook, and nearly as many pages of literary agents as Writers' Market and the Writers' & Artists' Yearbook combined.

The sale will start on Christmas Day and run until New Year's Day. During this time, just head over to Smashwords at and use the coupon code "SEY25" at the checkout to claim your 25% discount.

And don't forget: if you prefer your books in print then's Writers' Handbook 2018 is already 40% cheaper than the Writer’s Market ($29.99 RRP), and more than 50% cheaper than the Writers’ & Artists’ Yearbook (£25.00 RRP). You can order a copy now from any of the following outlets: