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Call for Submissions from cahoodaloodaling – Wednesday September 6, 2017

Issue #24 – Solitude’s Spectrum

“The world breaks everyone, and afterward, some are strong at the broken places.” —Hemingway

Solitude—whether alone on the road in a car, train, motel room, or a  forest trail, or even secluded and tucked away in your home, whether  it’s a welcomed moment of peacefulness or a lonely state of  despair—times of solitude shape us, recharge us, and break us down to  our essence. Sometimes we choose to step away from the world. Sometimes  the world breaks us and casts us aside. In those moments alone, if we  make the choice to continue and create, true artists are born. We cross a  border we cannot uncross and heal through our words, finding  ourselves—and sometimes finding new selves in the process. As Hemingway  said, sometimes we’re strong in those broken places, and sometimes we’re  not. Sometimes that jagged broken part affects us forever afterward.

This fall issue we are interested in capturing both the positive,  reaffirming pieces about solitude along with those that reveal pain,  heartbreak, and introspection. We seek to investigate those breaking  point moments, those halting discoveries, those empowered decisions that  compel us to walk away from the world and to let the silt settle in the  pool of water in our soul. Whether you enjoy locking yourself away or  you had to in order to save yourself from hell, we want to hear how  these moments lead to creative revelations and re-energized focus, or  how they still haunt you to this day.

Submissions due September 9, 2017. Guest Editor James H. Duncan. Issue live October 31, 2017.

Issue #25 – Queer Spaces

The queer identity is multitudinous and multifaceted. Despite the  strong sense of unity we share, wherever it is that we go, being queer  in one place is going to be different than being queer in another—often  times, vastly so. As such, the individual delivers to the world an  identity that is comprised simultaneously of sexual and geographic  orientation. We as a community embody what it means to be African and  transsexual, Alabamian and bisexual, Russian and lesbian, Californian  and asexual, Iranian and gay.

Whichever letter of the queer alphabet you ascribe to, that identity  is worth expressing in a manner that does not separate you from the  culture that you belong to, but rather reveals the complicated  relationship between exterior and interior place. The world needs to  know us as we really are, not as we are stereotypically perceived to be.  In this issue, we invite works that deliver a sense of the relationship  that exists between queer person and place.

The topics of your work do not have to be queer in theme, but we do  ask that you as a contributor belong to the queer community. Also, if  you would rather be published anonymously, please specify and we will be  happy to keep your name private.

Submissions due September 12, 2017. Guest Editor Alesha Dawson. Issue live January 31, 2018. 

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