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Book Expo 2019: State of Indie Publishing 'Great, but Sucks' – Thursday May 30, 2019

Wednesday’s Q&A session between Independent Book Publishers Association CEO Angela Bole and She Writes publisher Brooke Warner, who is also IBPA board chair, did not go exactly according to plan, as, due to weather, Warner was unable to arrive at Javits in time for it.

“I still have all the questions, but I don’t have the answers,” Bole said, announcing that instead she would make a presentation adapted from a podcast developed for IBPA by industry veteran Peter Goodman of Stone Bridge Press in Berkeley, Calif., “Publishing Is Great! Publishing Sucks!” Joking that she could not think of a better way to describe publishing, Bole presented five points about why it’s a great time to be an indie publisher, including that due to technology and cultural trends, “if you want to be a publisher, you can be a publisher.”

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