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Anthony Horowitz: writers should not be told to make books more diverse – Saturday May 25, 2024

The children’s author Anthony Horowitz has said writers should not be instructed to make their books more diverse.

The author of the Alex Rider novels has previously sparked controversy over his views on the subject. In 2017, he was criticised by other children’s authors when he claimed he had been “warned off” writing Black characters in his books.

Speaking at the Hay festival in Powys, he said he was aware of reflecting diversities in his work but said the need to be inclusive should not be imposed.

“There are as many female murderers in my books as male ones,” he said.

“I am very pro equal opportunities, I am very pro multiethnic, I am very pro books being about as much of the world as you can fit into a single book. What I’m not pro is anybody telling me that that is what I have to do. There is a difference.”

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