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8 Publishing Insights Revealed By Last Year’s Top 50 Bestselling UK Books – Sunday January 19, 2020

Every year, plenty of publishing pundits offer up advice on what sells, what doesn’t, and how an author can best climb the rankings themselves. And, every year, there’s really just one way to know for sure what works: Taking a deep dive into the most recent bestsellers and examining the data for insights into what titles people are actually buying.

The Guardian's John Dugdale has published a UK-centric list of the top 50 best-selling titles of 2019, and author Chris McCrudden has used the raw data available in that article to figure out a few more insights, which he shared in a Twitter thread on the topic.

So what books did the British public open their wallets for in 2019, and what can the data tell us about what might sell in 2020?

Here are the biggest insights and analysis that McCrudden came away with.

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