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How to Pitch an Article to a Magazine – Friday August 4, 2023

As a writer, you want to get your words in front of as many readers as possible. But this can be challenging when the competition from other writers is so great—to say nothing of the competition from other media like TV, social media, and smartphones.

But you must start somewhere. And one of the best ways to get your name out there as an author is to pitch articles to magazines.

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Penzler Publishers is launching Crime Ink – Friday August 4, 2023

Penzler Publishers is launching Crime Ink, an imprint publishing literary true crime. Tom Wickersham will head the line as editor; he was formerly the manager of The Mysterious Bookshop. Charles Perry becomes publisher, adding to his role as publisher of other Penzler imprints (The Mysterious Press, American Mystery Classics, Scarlet, and

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New Literary Agent Listing: Valerie Frankel – Friday August 4, 2023

Literary agent based in Brooklyn, New York. Has 35 years of editorial experience, and has collaborated with celebrities, public figures, and experts on more than thirty books, including two #1 New York Times bestsellers. She’s interested in non-fiction (memoir, health and wellness, business, lifestyle) and fiction (thriller, mystery, romance, YA).

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New Publishing Imprint Listing: Graffeg Childrens – Thursday August 3, 2023

Welcomes submissions for children's books.

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New Literary Agent Listing: Alice Caprio – Thursday August 3, 2023

I am actively building a list that spans middle grade and YA fiction across all genres, commercial adult fiction, and romance and fantasy for all ages. I am on the hunt for stories that are smart, commercial and bold, with a clear international appeal. When reading romance, I am drawn to lively secondary characters, unusual set-ups, engaging dialogue and irresistible chemistry between the leads. Humour is a plus and I enjoy a good trope, if explored creatively. I am always on the look-out for romantasy, high concept YA, dystopian YA, and retellings that feel distinctive. I am open to working with authors within these genres who have previously self-published, particularly if they have a TikTok or online presence. I tend to favour well-plotted, immersive fantasy novels with nuanced female leads, imaginative magic systems, high-stake adventures and courtly intrigue. I am not the agent for hard sci-fi but would be open to grounded sci-fi, particularly in the YA space. At the other end of the spectrum, I am interested in cosy, low-stakes fantasy with heart. In middle grade, I am drawn to sweeping adventures, stories with a speculative and magical twist or a spooky feel. I appreciate middle grade novels that do not talk down to the reader but remain fast-paced and fun. I am also on the search for contemporary stories with a timeless universal quality. I am not open to picture books and illustrated fiction.

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New Magazine Listing: The Glacier – Wednesday August 2, 2023

Online magazine published once a year, in the autumn. Publishes poetry, fiction, and visual art. Accepts simultaneous submissions, but no previously published work. Prefers lyric/associative poetry over straight narrative, but does not have a house style. Send up to seven poems, all within a single file. In fiction, prefers more experimental work to straight narrative. Likes fiction that gets to the point and that keeps burning in a reader’s mind after the last word is read . . . 1300 words max. Send up to three stories, single or double spaced is fine.

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New Literary Agent Listing: Anna Petkovich – Wednesday August 2, 2023

Looking for non-fiction that helps us live healthier, more intentional lives in the categories of self-help, inspirational memoir, psychology, health, wellness, lifestyle, cooking, and select illustrated titles. She specializes in partnering with authors who are doing something remarkable in the world to translate their expertise and thought leadership to the bookshelf. She is especially excited to champion underrepresented voices and books that a greater diversity of readers can see themselves in.

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How does a bestselling author create a story? – Tuesday August 1, 2023

I asked several writing groups what they would like to know about how bestselling authors create, think, and work. What would readers most like to know about them? What would engage you? When you are a bestselling author,  have a writing career, or seek one, I think each writer works out their own patterns and rhythms.

One person said she’d like to know about daily writing routines! “I collect descriptions of famous writers’ routines and I regularly read through them for inspiration. What does a typical writing day look like for them? If there are no typical days, why not & how do they get their work done if there is no routine?Also, how they go from the first idea to the finished manuscript. Every writer has a different planning, plotting & drafting process but I’m endlessly fascinated by how others do it because there is always room to improve & refine your own process.”

I thanked her for the thoughtful answer and responded with what some authors have told us, and added a few of my own thoughts.

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Mundy launches Lansdowne Literary – Tuesday August 1, 2023

Charlie Mundy has launched a new London-based literary scouting agency, Lansdowne Literary.

With a focus on the UK and international reach, it will work across fiction and non-fiction aiming to connect international publishers and film and TV production companies with the most suitable books for their individual lists, across translation and adaptation.

The agency has already secured its first clients, working with international publishers including Arche and Atrium Verlag – both part of W1-Media GmbH – in Germany, and HarperCollins Holland. 

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New Publisher Listing: Graffeg – Tuesday August 1, 2023

Always pleased to receive submissions from new and published authors. Publishes illustrated books on nature, heritage and food. Imprints welcome submissions for children’s books up to young adult reads. Books with the potential of being serialised are also of special interest.

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