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Japan publisher threatened over publication of trans-skeptical book – Sunday March 31, 2024

A Japanese publisher has received threats over its plan to publish a translated version of a controversial U.S. book questioning an increase in young women seeking gender transitions, its parent company said Saturday.

Sankei Shimbun Publications Inc. received an email threatening arson against bookstores that carried the book unless its publication was canceled, noting the work could promote discrimination against transgender people.

The conservative Sankei Shimbun newspaper's book-publishing imprint, owned by Sankei Shimbun Co., filed a police report alleging forcible obstruction of business.

"To threaten bookstores, where many people gather, is an unforgivable act. We will publish the book and not bow to this malicious pressure," Sankei Shimbun Publications said.

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Not everyone has a novel in them – Friday March 22, 2024

Mrs Secret Author, who knows her onions, recently drew her husband’s attention to a Facebook post that, or so she claimed, simultaneously epitomised all that was best and all that was worst about the modern literary marketplace.

In it a woman — thankfully unknown to us — had decided to file her new year’s resolutions. One of them was to write “a Romance novel”. Clearly this was going to take a bit of time, but the aspiring novelist was confident that if she started now it would be possible to plan for a pre-Christmas launch.

All this, it turned out, had gone down a storm with the poster’s friends. To a man — well, actually to a woman — they rushed to assure her what a terrific idea it was. Several of them confided that they, too, had always wanted to write “Romance novels” and it was great that at least one of their number was about to get on with it.

And who was lined up to publish the darling work? Naturally, in this age of limitless technological horizons and level playing fields, the author was going to publish it herself.

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A3 Alums Andy Patman, Martin Spencer & Martin To Join Innovative Artists Literary Department – Friday March 22, 2024

Innovative Artists is beefing up its literary division with the addition of veteran agents Andy Patman, Martin Spencer and Martin To. The trio recently got on the market following the shutdown of A3 where they helped reestablish a literary division, with Patman serving as head of Television Content.

This is the third consecutive agency where Patman, Spencer and To will be working together following stints at Paradigm and A3, which they all joined in 2020. Bringing their roster of clients, they will be based at Innovative’ Los Angeles office. They join agents Jim Stein, Michael Pio, Joe Arciniega, Susan Sussman, Emily Cameron, and Ethan More in Innovative’s literary department.

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Lit Agents Alysia Thomas, Kelsey Roberts Exit Paradigm – Friday March 22, 2024

Paradigm and a pair of literary agents, Alysia Thomas and Kelsey Roberts, have parted ways, sources tell Deadline.

Paradigm declined comment.

Thomas has already made her exit, and we’re told this was entirely amicable. What prompted Roberts’ exit is unclear, but she’s still finishing up her time at the agency.

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New Publisher Listing: McNidder & Grace – Thursday March 21, 2024

We specialise in non-fiction and fiction titles for adults. With a particular emphasis on popular culture, our non-fiction list includes books on photography, art, music, biography, history, country pursuits and more recently health and well-being. Our fiction list concentrates primarily on Crime and Thrillers.

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Sports Illustrated to continue operations with new publisher – Wednesday March 20, 2024

Sports Illustrated will continue operations after the company that owns the brand agreed with a new publisher for its print and digital products.

Minute Media took over on Monday after reaching a licensing agreement with Authentic Brands Group. On Jan. 19, Authentic announced that it was revoking The Arena Group's publishing license after Arena failed to make a quarterly payment.

Authentic had been in negotiations with Arena, Minute Media and other publishing entities over the past two months.

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New Literary Agent Listing: Claire Cavanagh – Tuesday March 19, 2024

Currently seeking non-fiction projects on a range of topics including pop culture/celebrity, gift books, memoir/hybrid memoir, biography, history, art, fashion, cultural criticism, and society/culture. She is always keen to dive into niche topics and sub-cultures, including pop culture obsessions and analyses or insights into real or imagined communities. She gravitates towards insightful projects on a less explored topic particularly when done with humour and any subject which is meticulously researched and/or explores forgotten or hidden figures particularly from underrepresented communities.

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Heavy Traffic is a radical new take on the literary magazine – Tuesday March 19, 2024

There are no images. Instead, the cover star of New York magazine Heavy Traffic is a barrage of text gleaming against a black void, the words chopped up and winding around its edges. “She no longer had the language to describe what was happening,” it reads. “She murmured loudly to herself now, becoming increasingly lost not in thought, but in nothing.” 

The literary magazine’s language, described by editor Patrick McGraw as “gibberish”, becomes increasingly haphazard and deranged as the pages turn (“Hard limit. Scarr-ed. sssh. whoAMiTALKingTO”). It almost feels like an IRL version of the infinite scroll, the words cascading through our brains like they do when flicking between feeds, tabs or messaging apps. We are a population that is becoming “increasingly illiterate”, McGraw writes in his editor’s letter. The new issue’s central occupation – not that the magazine officially has any themes – is to explore how language today has become detached from any meaning, beyond comprehension. “The more people see,” he writes, “the less they read.”

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Scammers And Screenplays: Self-Publishing Scams On The Internet Today – Tuesday March 19, 2024

Scams around the entertainment business are nothing new. And as the allure of the film industry continues to captivate aspiring filmmakers, writers, and actors, scams have proliferated online. In this blog we'll explore the workings of one such scheme targeting authors who self-publish through Amazon.

The Amazon Scam

It all starts above-board. Maybe you've been frustrated by major publishers and agents just not "getting" your work. Maybe you like the speed, editorial control, and DIY-mcguvery involved. However you arrived there, you're now a self-published author at Amazon's Kindle Direct Publishing ( It's a great service for many people. Let's now follow one such hypothetical author, based on two actual clients who've consulted with us at Romano Law over the past few months.

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Romantasy, AI and Palestinian voices: publishing trends emerge at London book fair – Sunday March 17, 2024

Future publishing priorities also included sustainability, neurodivergent protagonists and new retellings of Greek mythology

Palestine, artificial intelligence and romantasy were high on the agenda at this week’s London book fair. More than 30,000 agents, authors, translators, publishers and other book industry professionals flocked to Olympia London to secure deals and discuss publishing trends, challenges and rising genres. Here is our round-up of the main takeaways, and a flavour of what we can expect to see in bookshops in the next year or so.

Palestinian voices
On the first day of the fair, Book Workers for a Free Palestine held a vigil outside to “mark the death of Palestinian writers, poets, academics and journalists killed by Israel”, wrote Ailah Ahmed, a publishing director at Penguin. English PEN ran two seminars focused on Palestine and freedom of expression, featuring writers including Isabella Hammad, who was recently longlisted for the Women’s prize.

“It has been remarkably difficult in the face of the violence that we are seeing to make room for poetry,” Rafeef Ziadah told the fair. “Many people have written to me saying, ‘Why haven’t you written poems, like We Teach Life?’ Poetry doesn’t work that way. It’s not on call when there’s a war.” On the deals side, Profile Books acquired the rights to publish What Does Israel Fear from Palestine? by Raja Shehadeh, which explores opportunities for peace that have been “rejected by Israel” since its formation in 1948. Shehadeh explores “what went wrong again and again, and why”.

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