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New Publisher Listing: Penzler Publishers – Tuesday September 5, 2023

An independent publisher of mysteries, thrillers, and suspense.

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Viking to sponsor the Edward Stanford Travel Writing Awards featuring new category – Monday September 4, 2023

Exploration company Viking will be sponsoring the 2024 Edward Stanford Travel Writing Awards, run by map and travel book retailer Stanfords. 

A new category called the Viking Award for Fiction with a Sense of Place has also been introduced this year. Viking guests will have the opportunity to nominate their favourite books that have been published in the past 12 months.

Other categories for 2024 include The Edward Stanford Travel Book of the Year, the Children’s Travel Book of the Year, the Bradt New Travel Writer of the Year and the Edward Stanford Outstanding Contribution to Travel Writing Award, which was first presented to the author Bill Bryson in 2015.

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Hardie Grant UK – Monday September 4, 2023

An independent publishing and media business working with authors and brands to create high-quality books, magazines, websites and content across platforms.

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The Working Class Writers Grant – Sunday September 3, 2023

Since 2013, the Working Class Writers Grant has been awarded annually to speculative fiction writers who are working class, blue-collar, financially disadvantaged, or homeless, who have been historically underrepresented in speculative fiction due to financial barriers which make it hard to access the writing world. Such lack of access might include an inability to purchase a computer, books, and tuition, or to attend conventions or workshops. Often, these writers, many of whom work more than one job, have less time to write. The SLF seeks to bring more of these marginalized voices into speculative fiction.

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The Best Global Magazines for Growing Writers and Artists – Saturday September 2, 2023

Scrolling on Instagram for several hours at a time, to try and get your work recognized? I might have the perfect way for you to get your work recognized while saving your time, simultaneously! Often, the best way to get your creative work to as many people as possible is by submitting to growing magazines.

Yes, it may seem like doing so won't do much good to your work, but trust me, growing magazines are the ones that will eventually rise to the top. With eye-catching aesthetics and magnificent formatting, global magazines are the perfect opportunity for growing writers and artists to showcase their excellent work to the WORLD!

I have personally submitted to a few global magazines myself, such as the Curio Cabinet Magazine and the Poetic Reveries. There is nothing that can match the happiness a writer gets when they see their name in a published magazine with several other talented writers.

Not only is it a great feeling, but it allows you to feel so much better about your skill and, if anything, rejections only strengthen your perspective! At least that is what my major takeaway from reaching out to these thriving magazines was and I hope you, too, step outside of your comfort zone and try these growing, youth-led poetry and art magazines out!

So, here they are, the top five thriving global magazines from the ever-trending platform for skilful, creative and outstanding writers and artists, Instagram.

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DHH Literary Agency unveils new logo and 'extensive' website overhaul – Saturday September 2, 2023

The DHH Literary Agency has rebranded its logo for the first time since the company’s inception in 2008, and unveiled plans for an "extensive" website overhaul.

Managing director David H Headley employed the services of Leeds-based digital agency Ascensor to help with the rebrand. The company’s David Eggington also created the logo for Headley’s Goldsboro Books.

While the new logo is now up and running as part of the agency, the website overhaul will be an “extensive” project, the agency says, scheduled to take place over the autumn and winter months later this year.

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UK publishers urge Sunak to protect works ingested by AI models – Thursday August 31, 2023

UK publishers have urged the prime minister to protect authors’ and other content makers’ intellectual property rights as part of a summit on artificial intelligence.

The intervention came as OpenAI, the company behind the ChatGPT chatbot, argued in a legal filing that authors suing the business over its use of their work to train powerful AI systems “misconceived the scope” of US copyright law.

The letter from the Publishers Association, which represents publishers of digital and print books as well as research journals and educational content, asks Rishi Sunak to make clear at the November summit that intellectual property law must be respected when AI systems absorb content produced by the UK’s creative industries.

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New Literary Agent Listing: Arthur Barnard – Thursday August 31, 2023

Started working at the agency in 2019, after graduating with a degree in English from The University of Cambridge. In 2020 he began work as an assistant, expanding his knowledge across television, film and theatre. He currently holds the position of associate agent and is starting to build his own list of clients.

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New Publisher Listing: Phoenix Moirai – Wednesday August 30, 2023

Started in 2014 as a graphic design, writing, and video production company, with a goal of growing into a full publisher. They have reached that goal and are currently accepting manuscripts from all writers, including unagented and first-time authors. They also created a forum for writers and readers to come together to be and find beta readers for their works in progress. This is also the platform in which writers submit their manuscripts for publication. No membership to the site is needed or requested to submit. Submissions are open to all genre writers, regardless of social media following or manuscript length. Simply wants to read and publish fresh new voices who may not fit in a simple genre bubble, and writers struggling to find a way to have their voices heard.

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New Publishing Imprint Listing: Torva – Monday August 28, 2023

Imprint for bold ideas that ignite debate. Publishes expert voices who challenge how we live and work, and books that tackle some of the biggest questions about our world, from the birth of the universe to how we have a good life.

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