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New Literary Agent Listing: Shannon Lechon – Tuesday August 23, 2022

Interested in experimental styles and unreliable narrators. Intense platonic interpersonal bonds are a particular favorite of hers. She likes underexplored magic systems and fantasy that doesn't care if you understand it or not.

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Colette Dartford on writing believable characters – Saturday August 20, 2022

As a reader I have a hundred-page rule, which means that if I’m indifferent to the main characters and what may become of them at that point, I don’t read any further. Some people find this heretical (two members of my book club, for example) but honestly, what’s the point? There are so many wonderful novels out there, and with so little free time, I feel entirely justified cutting my losses and moving on.

It’s quite a different matter, however, when I look at it from the other side, as a writer. Then I am acutely aware that the characters I create must be complex but believable, flawed but likeable, unpredictable but relatable. Not so easy now, I tell myself, staring at my laptop screen, longing for inspiration. The namesake of my latest novel, The Mortification Of Grace Wheeler, is a case in point. Grace is conventional, undemanding, not one to make a fuss. The danger in writing such a character is that initially they may come across as dull and uninteresting. My task is to peel back the layers of her apparent ordinariness and expose the contradictions that swirl beneath. For example, Grace’s husband, Cal, is much older than her and the age gap has become a gaping chasm. A lifelong Tory who voted for Brexit, she considers him staid and old-fashioned, yet when their son introduces his first girlfriend, an exotic creature with multi-coloured hair, a nose stud and tattoos, it is Grace who is quietly shocked and disapproving. Cal finds her an absolute hoot. Similarly, having been raised by a devoted single mother who often struggled to make ends meet, Grace prizes the stability of her twenty-year marriage and the security of her modest but comfortable home.

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New Publishing Imprint Listing: Publishing – Friday August 19, 2022

An imprint for science fiction and fantasy novellas and novels, a line that provides a home for emerging and established writers to tell focused, engaging stories in exactly the number of words they choose. Most titles are available globally in print and DRM-free ebook format.

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New Publisher Listing: Mensch Publishing – Thursday August 18, 2022

No mission statement nor other worthy but meaningless platitudes. Its aim is simply to help authors reach readers with minimal intervention and maximum impact and to reward them proportionately.

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Writing a Romance versus Writing a Mystery – Wednesday August 17, 2022

Is there that big a difference between falling in love and solving a murder? 

Um, yes, there is, especially when writing about love and murder. For me, it’s not just about content but about the craft and process of writing in those separate genres. I find it fascinating that although I’ve been writing for over twenty years, my beginning process for writing cozy mysteries is vastly different than it is for writing in the romance genre. 

I started writing romances because I love to read them. It’s not a billion dollar industry for nothing! Comprised of formulaic and original plots, as well as a guaranteed happily ever after (HEA,) the genre breeds voracious readers who want engaging lead characters, a romantic main plot, and that all-important HEA (or HFN—happily for now, which has become accepted in the genre.) 

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New Publishing Imprint Listing: Red Feather – Wednesday August 17, 2022

Seeks to create groundbreaking sacred tools with a purpose that are made with pride, giving honor to the subject matter of each and every project.

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New Magazine Listing: Shorts Magazine – Wednesday August 17, 2022

Online magazine published four times a year, and includes short fiction, flash fiction, sci-fi, life writing, poetry, essays, science, research, opinion pieces, monologues, drama, top ten lists, photography, featured artists.

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New Literary Agent Listing: Beniamino Ambrosi – Wednesday August 17, 2022

Represents English-language nonfiction and literary fiction, and authors in translation.

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Self-Publishing Versus Traditional Publishing: Pros And Cons For Leaders To Consider – Tuesday August 16, 2022

Whether you’re a storyteller looking to share the next great work of fiction or a businessperson sharing advice in a book, publishing can unlock many doors.

But the tides are changing in the publishing industry—no longer do traditional publishers have a chokehold on publication. Leveraging my experience as a USA Today bestselling author, I'd like to weigh in on both avenues to publishing your book.

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New Magazine Listing: The Soho Review – Tuesday August 16, 2022

Humor magazine based in New York. Constantly looking for jokes, cartoons, poems, and short stories. Pitch ideas by email.

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