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How to enter The Sunday Post’s short story writing competition – Sunday July 9, 2023

The word is out. Amateur writers across the country should have pens and laptops at the ready because today The Sunday Post launches its inaugural Short Story Writing Competition, and we want to hear from you.

Can you weave a captivating tale? Do you marvel at where your imagination takes you? Do the characters you conjure take on a life of their own? If the answer is yes, then this is your moment. Whether you’re unemployed or a student, a retired granny, grandpa or working mum, with disabilities or without, or just downright frustrated at not fulfilling your literary dream, now is your chance.

And we’ve lined up a great team of experts to cast their eyes over your creations. Our judges are the king of feel-good fiction, No.1 Ladies Detective Agency author Alexander McCall Smith, queen of romantic comedy Jenny Colgan, and thriller royalty, Bloody Scotland Crime Writing Festival founders Lin Anderson and Alex Gray. Also on the judging panel is Sunday Post and P.S magazine Books Editor Sally McDonald.

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Dangling modifiers, misplaced commas muddy your writing – Saturday July 8, 2023

Here's a grab bag of gifts for those who want to remove common errors from their writing.

Common error No. 1: Misuse of a plural verb.

"In the end, neither the malicious glee from the Right nor the aggressive minimization from the Left are treating this case with the sensitivity it deserves."

Because that sentence cites two elements — malicious glee and aggressive minimization — the writer has been seduced into using the plural verb form "are treating." But the controlling form — neither/nor — requires the singular verb "is treating."

The word neither means "this one." The word nor means "that one." The same rule applies with either/or.

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Ex-Canelo director Riccardi joins Kate Nash as literary agent – Monday July 3, 2023

Francesca Riccardi has joined Kate Nash Literary Agency as a literary agent, building a list in fiction.

Riccardi was previously sales and marketing director at Canelo where she was instrumental in driving the company’s growth into audio and print sales alongside the e-book business.

During her time at Canelo, Riccardi also launched the flagship Canelo Crime imprint and worked with authors directly to achieve their writing ambitions.

Riccardi started her publishing career at RNIB, where she worked on transcribing books into accessible formats, and has worked previously at Atlantic Books, where she was recognised as a Bookseller Rising Star in 2017, as well as at Constable and Robinson and HarperCollins.

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New Publisher Listing: Tenacious – Monday July 3, 2023

Genres wanted at this time include Action/Adventure, Science Fiction, Fantasy, Mystery/ Suspense/Crime, Romance (without graphic details), Nonfiction, Women’s Lit, Southern-Lit, Historical Fiction.

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How a Midwest Teacher Went From Posting Scary Stories on Reddit to a Film Deal for His Debut Novel – Wednesday June 28, 2023

Jimmy Juliano’s debut novel, “Dead Eleven,” has an unusual backstory.

The book, out Tuesday, is a spooky tale of a remote island where inhabitants are obsessed with ’90s nostalgia, which earned a coveted jacket blurb from “Goosebumps” guru R. L. Stine and already has a film development deal with A+E Studios. But Juliano is the first to admit that his path into publishing and Hollywood “feels like a back door into the industry.”

Juliano, an educator who works at Lake Forest High School in suburban Chicago, first made a name for himself as u/Red_Grin, a Reddit user posting scary stories to the NoSleep subreddit. The community, with over 17 million members, is “a place for redditors to share their scary personal experiences” — and while the stories (probably) aren’t real, “treat everything as though it is a true recount of events.”

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New Publisher Listing: Out-Spoken Press – Wednesday June 28, 2023

A London-based independent publisher of poetry and critical writing with the aim of providing a platform for compelling writing from voices that were (and remain) under-represented in mainstream publishing. Publishes full-length poetry collections and pamphlets.

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New Publisher Listing: Gill Education – Tuesday June 27, 2023

Publishes books for the primary, secondary, and further education markets. Welcomes proposals from first time and experienced authors alike. All subject areas are of interest. See website for full guidelines.

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New Literary Agent Listing: Abigail Nathan – Sunday June 25, 2023

Looking for engaging plots and convincing characters. Something that will keep her turning the pages and that will stay with her after she’s finished reading. There are some rules and conventions it pays to follow, but something a bit weird or slightly (or very) unexpected will pique her interest, and characters that touch a nerve or worlds that make us question the status quo are always welcome. Above all, she’s looking for great stories, told well – fiction in general and all things genre: sci-fi, fantasy, paranormal, horror, crime, thriller, romance (and any combination of those), for adult, YA or middle grade.

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Creative writing: stretching your imaginative powers – Friday June 23, 2023

Most children make up stories when they are young but as real life begins to take over, these creative powers are often left to dwindle.

While some people continue writing and making up stories throughout their lives, others tend to stop when they reach a certain age.

However, there are many benefits associated with creative writing and it’s a hobby that’s well worth re-exploring as an adult.

Put your imagination to work by finding out how it feels to make up stories, write poetry, pen your memoirs or simply experiment on the page.

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Culture Creative Entertainment Hires Netflix’s Sherley Ibarra As Literary Agent – Wednesday June 21, 2023

Culture Creative Entertainment, the nascent talent agency founded by former Abrams Artists Agency agents Brad Rosenfeld, Paul Weitzman and Karen Kirkland, has hired a new literary agent.

The company has hired Sherley Ibarra, who joins from Netflix, where she was Manager of Animation Outreach & Engagement. Ibarra was at the streamer for over three years, having previously been Vice-President of Creative Talent Development & Outreach at Nickelodeon.

At CCE, she will represent a diverse roster of talent working across TV series and features in both live-action and animation.

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