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Publishes: Articles; Features; Nonfiction
Areas include: Humour; Lifestyle; Sport; Travel
Markets: Adult
Preferred styles: Light; Positive
United States
Publishes: Articles; Fiction; Nonfiction; Reviews
Areas include: Fantasy; Horror; Sci-Fi
Markets: Adult
Publishes: Articles; Essays; Features; Nonfiction
Areas include: Drama; Entertainment; Lifestyle; Romance; Women's Interests
Markets: Adult
United Kingdom
Articles; Nonfiction; Health; Lifestyle
United States
Publishes: Fiction; Nonfiction; Poetry
Markets: Children's
United States
Publishes: Essays; Fiction; Poetry
Areas include: Drama; Humour; Short Stories
Markets: Adult
Preferred styles: Literary
United States
Publishes: Articles; Essays; Features; Nonfiction; Reviews
Areas include: Historical; Leisure; Lifestyle; Travel; Women's Interests
Markets: Adult
United Kingdom
Publishes: Articles; Features; News; Nonfiction
Areas include: Gardening
Markets: Adult
United Kingdom
Publishes: Articles; Nonfiction
Areas include: Music
Markets: Adult
United Kingdom
Publishes: Articles; Essays; Features; Fiction; Interviews; News; Nonfiction; Poetry; Reviews
Areas include: Arts; Nature; Markets
United States
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