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This magazine is not known to have a policy against unsolicited MSS.
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Published four times a year: Spring - March 15th; Summer - June 15th; Autumn - September 15th; Winter - December 15th
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Additional information

A web magazine with a quarterly theme. Evolving from the very popular poetry magazine established in 1995, the website will be online from March 15th 2002. Our first deadline is February 15th 2003. Topic for this issue "The Tree".

As with the magazine, poetry offered is on a theme chosen by the winner of most popular poem for each issue. Poets will be informed by e-mail whether their work has been accepted. There will be no charge and I ask only that you send your finest work! (Note: the editor reserves the right to refuse any material considered unsuitable).

We have a different theme for each issue, readers vote on their favourite poems and each winner gets their poem in our special winner's section on the website. Win best poem three times and you get your own writing room on the website!

Free advertising is also currently offered for anything poetry-related. Articles on poetry or famous poets are also welcome. We will also have special sections containing poetry written on various subjects, so you can look up your favourite topics of interest.

Poems for the Spring 2003 issue must be on the topic of "The Tree" and sent by e-mail by February 15th 2003. You can use any title you like for your poem. Please note, all submissions must be poetry only (you can submit up to 3 poems per issue) and sent by e-mail to the address below. If you work is accepted, you can also send a paragraph about yourself.

If you write great poetry, we look forward to receiving your poems and to hearing from you for this next exciting phase of the magazine. Starting this Spring.

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