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Material published:
Publishes: Essays; Fiction; Nonfiction; Poetry; Reviews

Areas include: Arts; Autobiography; Biography; Criticism; Culture; Entertainment; Historical; Literature; Philosophy; Politics; Short Stories; Theatre; Women's Interests

Markets: Adult; Children's; Family; Youth

Preferred styles: Contemporary; Literary; Positive; Satirical; Serious
Submissions policy:
This magazine accepts unsolicited MSS. Both queries and submissions by email are accepted.
Length limits:
Fiction: 10,000 words; Poetry: 100 lines; Essays: 10,000 words;
Year founded:
Approximate circulation:
Payment for the author?:

Additional information

There are three things we know to be true:

(1) All people are writers. It isn't even that all people have the ability to be writers; all acting humans influence each other, shape each others' consciousness, leave their lives written upon the world.

For those that are writers in the more literal sense, we present another chance to have your words reach a wider audience. Writing is a form of expression that helps us to understand the human condition; so, as a human, you have a right (a write! -- we like puns) to be a writer; the term “humanities” is not so accidental. So, send us anything you've written, and we'll put forth an honest effort to publish it.

(2) All people are readers, influenced by world around them. Everything is free, not only because it would be unfeasible to charge access, but also because of a hazy moral line from which we are choosing to steer clear. If someone were to have written something that could be of dire importance to the greater world, would it not be our obligation to make it accessible to as many people as possible?

(3) Language is metaphorical -- nonexistent ideas being rearranged and restructured to convey meaning. You might even say that all writing is playing around with words. The term “wordplay” is also not so accidental, and we hope you'll contribute to what we hope will be the greatest list of puns ever assembled.

Now, for the five Ws, or four Ws and an H, or really, two Ws, an H, and then another two Ws.

What we publish: Poetry, fiction, nonfiction, reviews -- respecting the work we did not personally make vailable -- original book cover designs, and puns. We're also open to new ideas, so if there is a form of expression relevant to the literary world that we do not yet accommodate here, please let us know.

Why we publish: In addition to our ideological quest to support all we know this may just be a place where we publish our own work, our friends' work, and where only the parents of each individual author actually read the content. We're cool with that. We also may have hidden aspirations to publish anthologies of this work, and lay a foundation for further literary ambitions we may have down the road.

How we publish: You may have noticed that we're not using a blog CMS, the most common online publishing format. We wanted a little more creative control, to keep the site clean, and honor the idea of the permanence of the written word. Perhaps you can think of this as a repository of expression, knowledge, inquisition.

Where we belong: The community will decide what literary works are of importance, and we're comfortable with having just a small say (for now). Your humble editors are aware that our contributions pale in comparison to the works of greater minds, or of those privy to as yet under-appreciated human experiences; those who have something greater to offer should receive greater attention. But every writer deserves some attention, some care, some love.

Who we are: We have used strong language to convey a moral basis for this site's existence, but we are, largely, deplorable people. While the written word can have a positive impact on the globe, we could spend time trying to more directly engage the world in efforts to fix it. We'll get on that eventually, but until then, sorry, we're booked.

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