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Material published:
Publishes: Articles; Essays; Features; Interviews; News; Nonfiction; Reviews

Areas include: Arts; Culture; Current Affairs; Drama; Film; Humour; Literature; Music; Theatre; Women's Interests

Markets: Adult

Preferred styles: Literary
Submissions policy:
This magazine is not known to have a policy against unsolicited MSS.
Length limits:
Essays: 1,500 words; Articles: 1,000 words; Features: 1,500 words
Year founded:
Six times per year
Payment for the author?:

Additional information

I am the founder and editor of a literary and arts magazine that I actually began with my MA fee money (I eventually paid the fees and received my MA). I started the magazine because I believe that there are too many closed doors in the literary and art world. I believe in making the arts accessible and available for all. My convictions are deep because I believe that in this modern, some say, post-modern world that we live in it is important to remember the essentials about being human. There are too many reality TV shows that mock existence. As a culture we are slipping away from the arts. Writing has too many stigmas attached and people believe that there are too many rules. My aim was to bring a magazine to life that would challenge some of these notions and make a difference.

This writing and artistic platform is spreading across the UK and making it to places like Israel, Italy, Ireland, New Zealand, Australia, America, Canada, Bulgaria, and Switzerland. We started in York and are now selling at Borders in York, Leeds, Brighton, Islington, and Oxford Street as well as in some local York bookshops and direct either from the website or by post.

I believe that art and literature is something that is found within all of us. We need to believe in ourselves and see the beauty of the moment to take this concept further. With my literary magazine I have created a space for new ideas and fresh opinions. I believe in creativity, diversity, and equality.

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