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Material published:
Publishes: Fiction; Poetry; Scripts

Areas include: Arts; Literature; Photography; Short Stories; Theatre; Translations

Markets: Adult

Preferred styles: Contemporary; Literary; Traditional
Submissions policy:
This magazine accepts unsolicited MSS. Both queries and submissions by email are accepted.
Length limits:
Fiction: 2,000 words;
Year founded:
3 times per year Year
Payment for the author?:

Additional information

This magazine is meant to be a vehicle for the return of poetry as a meaningful, accessible, and popular art form. We believe that poetry should echo in your mind long after the reading is completed. It should haunt your dreams and your nightmares. Poetry is meant to be read aloud, to pull you into an enchanting half-world and let you slowly return a little different. In the past, crowds would gather to hear poetry performed. Today, this magazine will provide a forum for crowds to gather and appreciate Art that speaks. Although our focus is on poetry, we welcome submissions of short fiction and plays, all writing that sings when it is read.

•3-5 poems (or up to 10 pages for long poems) in a single Word document.
•Short stories should be under 2000 words; however, we will accept serialized stories.
•Plays should be under 10 pages, and we would prefer to be sent a recording along with the written submission.
•We do not accept essays, interviews or reviews.
•We do accept submissions of photographs and/or artwork; however, these will only be used to compliment the magazine's content (i.e. as a cover page).
•Only submit in one genre at a time, and wait until you receive a response before submitting to us a second time.
•We would love to have a recording of you reading your work sent with your submission, and we favour those submissions that include audio along with the text, but this is not required to submit.
•If you are sending a recording, please make sure it is in .mp3 format.
•Please include a short (less than 100 words) bio along with your submission.

Contact details

For your security, we recommend protecting your copyright before sending your work to anyone. For information on protecting copyright, click here.

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