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Courteous declination of services by snail mail. Again, agents are compelled to spend their time on what they feel they can sell based on their database of contacts so they cannot be faulted. An author's literary skills and quality, experience, profile curiously do not come into play in the instance where the agent is offered something for which they do not have the appropriate contacts.
Raul, United States
Sat, Jul 12, 2008: 16:02 (GMT)
Although this LA took ten weeks to get back to me with their rejection, it was well within their 3 month response time for answering submissions. She explained to me that they were taking on very few new clients and that my submission wasn't quite what they were looking for. Ms Wood wished me luck in my future efforts at getting representation. I appreciate her polite letter.
Dennis, United States
Wed, Jul 02, 2008: 17:25 (GMT)

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