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Sent email and recieved an "interesting" friendly response within hour of same day. Look forward to sending sample material.
Sandra, United Kingdom
Fri, Jan 18, 2019: 15:14 (GMT)
I called the Agency to see if they accept young children's short stories, the lady was very polite and advised that they do and I can submit a story.
Laura Jane, United Kingdom
Thur, Jan 24, 2008: 14:10 (GMT)
I sent an enquiry letter and short synopsis, I got a very friendly and personal reply back within a week, they thanked me for considering them to represent me, but didn't feel that my material was "quite their sort of thing" and wished me every success in finding the right agent or publisher, then thanked me again for thinking of LAW. All in all the letter was lovely, it didn't leave me feeling rejected, just that I had contacted the wrong agent for my book.
Geraldine A, United Kingdom
Thur, Oct 13, 2005: 12:55 (GMT)

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