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After an interview and query, Kim Lionetti requested outline and sample chapters which I sent with requsite SASE. After more than six months she has not responded and did not respond to a recent e-mail.
Frank, United States
Fri, Apr 13, 2007: 22:36 (GMT)
I queried in December 05 and have still not received any feedback (May 10/06)
Anna, Canada
Thur, May 11, 2006: 00:48 (GMT)
After a long wait for a response to a snail mail query in april, I tried again by email. received a reply asking that I send a query by email to refresh their memory. I did and this time was chastized because I did not address it to a specific editor. No comment on my query in synopsis form as requested. I have heard such good things about this agency that I am truly disappointed.
Sylvia, United States
Tue, Oct 04, 2005: 03:58 (GMT)

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