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I signed on with Dave for a year, and since it was my first go around, sent in the $450, and what I received in way of updates was neither professional nor informative. Before I signed on I told him I was nervous and asked who he represented and he just said these are hard decisions to make and I need to think about it, never told me who he successfully represented. Don't think there is anyone.
Christopher, United States
Mon, Nov 17, 2008: 05:14 (GMT)
Wants a $450 yearly fee to represent me. Claims agents that don't charge only represent people who have written best sellers. Probably best avoided.
Bob, United States
Mon, Sep 12, 2005: 19:14 (GMT)
I really feel this is a front for time flat I was accepted and a contract was forth coming they said...but they wanted $450,00 every year to represent me...people had better stay clear
Robert, United States
Sun, Aug 14, 2005: 02:44 (GMT)
From the time I received their request for a complete MS to the time I was sent an acceptance and contract -- two weeks exactly! Possible, I suppose, but the kicker was a demand for a $450 fee (expenses) to go along with the signed contract. I declined.
O.C., United States
2005/02/12 06:14:28

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