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Received a very prompt and pleasant reply, giving constructive criticism and good wishes, although he didn't feel able to represent my work.
Helen, France
Wed, Jan 20, 2010: 17:23 (GMT)
Hadn't had a response to a submission after 3 months so dropped Guy Rose an e-mail. Got an immediate "whoops, sorry, we goofed" reply shortly followed by an extremely polite, friendly rejection that contained some very helpful feedback.
Simon, United Kingdom
Thur, Jan 07, 2010: 16:18 (GMT)
Submissions editor Betty Schwartz replied by E-mail to my posted MS within a week. She had clearly read it, because she picked out some passages for comment. Criticism was very helpful and encouraging. She was also willing for me to re-submit after re-working. This was my first approach to an agent, so the indications are that Futerman Rose will take new work seriously. Even if they don't eventually take me on, this was a positive initial encounter.
Richard Varley, United Kingdom
Fri, Jun 02, 2006: 20:29 (GMT)

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