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Elinor Davies

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Last updated: February 1, 2024
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I’m looking for commercial and upmarket fiction stories that will be either the next compulsive read or a cosy winter comfort book. The most important thing for me is a great hook. An addictive premise that can be summed up in just a few words but will stay in the reader’s mind so that they’re unable to stop talking about it. I love a feminist crime thriller and I’m especially drawn to merciless narrators who we can’t help but love. I’m also open to lighter crime reads and can’t get enough of crime capers with comedy at their heart. In historical fiction, I’m looking for stories set from the Victorian era onwards, although I’m currently avoiding wartime fiction. I adore a dose of magic in just about everything I read whether it comes in the form of spirituality, family, or love. I’m talking about magical realism rather than outright fantasy (although I have a soft spot for witchy books). Nothing pleases me more than a novel that can transport me around the world and I’m really keen to find underrepresented voices that can teach me about their country and culture. I also read in both Welsh and Spanish so if you’re a writer of one of these languages wanting to adapt your writing for the English market within any of the genres mentioned above, I would be thrilled to read your work!


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