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Camille Burns

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Last updated: April 17, 2024
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In MG, I am drawn to stories with lots of heart and written in a lyrical tone which convey a sense of wonder and warmth, and which would not be amiss as a modern classic. I am also very keen to see stories that hover on the cusp between MG and teen, with darker themes and complex plotting, particularly when combined with action-packed sequences and acerbic wit. In YA, I’m open to seeing all genres, whether literary or commercial, but tend to be drawn to stories with a strong romantic component. I’m also keen to see stories with a strong cast of characters, which encapsulate the thrill, angst and drama of growing up. I am on the lookout for a select few adult fiction projects, particularly romance, fantasy, speculative or historical fiction. I would also love to see proposals for smart and accessible non-fiction (children’s or adult) which teach us about the world we live in, which shine a light on a culture (including workplace culture etc), which are empowering, or which encourage deep thinking and fundamental shifts in perspective.


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