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C____ H____ Publishing

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Established: 2006

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Last updated: August 11, 2009
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TypesFiction; Nonfiction; Poetry
FormatsRadio Scripts; Short Fiction
SubjectsAdventure; Crime; Culture; Erotic; Fantasy; Gothic; Health; History; How To; Comedy / Humour; Lifestyle; Literature; Men's Interests; Mystery; New Age; Photography; Psychology; Romance; Science Fiction; Self Help; Travel; Women's Interests; Contemporary; Experimental; Literary; Commercial; Satire


We always keep our eyes open for quality erotica that falls outside of the mainstream erotic writing on the market today, written to entice and seduce the readers of BDSM, D/s, Bondage, Extreme Kink, Master-slave, and fetish fiction and non-fiction, as well as poetry and art.

What we are doing is not a standard traditional publishing company, but we're also not a POD, and definitely not a vanity press! Our goals are to raise the level of credibility of great erotica through excellence in editing and manuscript production, to printing, distribution and marketing, to author promotion and beyond.

This is an independent publishing company. It is our mission to produce, promote, and distribute quality erotic fiction, with an emphasis on the sought after but untapped market for the sub-genre of BDSM and Kink.

We believe the best way to achieve our goals is to appeal to our target audience by using believable stories, especially when combined with a bit of humor and a lot of kink, to make for an incredibly hot read.


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