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Established: 1993

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FormatsArticles; Essays; Short Fiction


Please send your contributions electronically. Paper contributions are something we SO don't want to accept. This reduces the possibility that we will inadvertently introduce typing or scanning errors into the copy. Our philosophy is that you either have to just not know what a computer is or you can't afford to get on-line in the first place in order to send us snail-mail submissions. Email and floppy disk submissions are all that we want to be accepting... You can email us; it's a lot faster, you don't need a SASE, and it is more economical.

Here is the important stuff. Print copies are no longer free, they can be purchased for a low low price through us, so get electronic copies at this site, which are free, by clicking on the text archives and back issues.

General Themes
Our biases are works that relate to issues such as politics, sexism, society, and the like, but are definitely not limited to such. We publish good work that makes you think, that makes you feel like you've lived through a scene instead of merely reading it. If we had to use two words to describe what we want, they would have to be intelligent and powerful. Keep that in mind.

We accept work of almost any genre, but we're not keen on rhyme for rhyme's sake, and we're definitely not keen on religion poems (look at our current issue for a better idea of what we're like). We do accept longer works, but within two pages for an individual poem is appreciated.

Keep it under ten pages, if you can. If it relates to how the world fits into a person's life (political story, a day in the life, coping with issues people face), it will probably win us over faster. Oh, and please tell the story like it actually happened. What makes a story believable is the detail given in it that pulls the reader in. Make our reader see the scene, smell the food, feel the wind on their face. They'll remember the story more when they put an issue down if they feel like they lived the story instead of merely reading it. They can take something from it, and when they do you know you've done something right.

Art Work
Do not send originals. We don't go for humorous illustrations or comics, unless they're political and fit in with out current themes. Photography and drawings are usually your best bet, ones easily reproduced by photocopiers. Artwork does not go in electronic versions.

Everyone: Read This Submission Advice
We've received comments from readers and other editors saying that they thought some of our stories really happened. They didn't, but it was nice to know that they were so concrete, so believable that people thought they were nonfiction. Do that to our readers. Here you even have the opportunity to directly submit writing to us. You can also submit art work electronically by e-mailing it to us...

This is a magazine dedicated to showcasing the work of writers and artists, and is published monthly, so submit early and submit often. We don't go for racist, sexist (therefore we're not into pornography either), or homophobic stuff. (though we shy away from concrete poetry and rhyme for rhyme's sake...) We prefer work sent via e-mail or on Macintosh
disks. Submit as much as you want at a time. And about copyrights - the work is yours, and we don't want to ever claim it for ourselves. Simultaneous submissions are cool, previously published or concurrently published works are cool, and the work is always yours. If you are interested in submitting poetry, prose or artwork, email it to us - and thank you.





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