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B_________ Agency

Literary Agency

Established: 2005

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Last updated: July 14, 2016
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TypesFiction; Poetry


Handles fiction and (under some circumstances) poetry. No nonfiction. Send query by post or email outlining what you have written and your current projects, along with synopsis and sample chapter (novels).


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Literary Agent


P_ B__ 7___
P__ 1__
United Kingdom


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P___ T______ d__ n__ w___ m_ book, b__ r______ p_______ w___ c___________ c_______. H_ w__ t___ k___ e_____ t_ e_____ i_ a v___ h______ e____ e_______ a____ s___-publishing.
John, United Kingdom
Tue, Oct 07, 2014: 14:37 (GMT)
F___ the agency: I w____ l___ t_ t____ a__ the c_________ f__ t____ p_______ f_______. E_________ s___ t_ the agency i_ i_____ r___; u____________ v___ f__ w______ c__ b_ t____ o_ a_ c______, p___________ a_ t___ i_ a v___ b___ t___ f__ u_. H______ I d_ l___ t_ e________ w______ t_ k___ t_____, and I o____ a l_____ a_____, f___ of c_____, i_ n________ and i_ I f___ i_ w____ b_ a__________.
Paul Thompson, United Kingdom
Mon, Aug 20, 2012: 08:32 (GMT)
M_ P___ T_______ r______ w_____ a d__ and s___ t___ d__ t_ s_____ p_______ of w___ t___ c____ n__ t___ m_ o_ a_ p______ b__ t___ I h__ a s_____ s________ and h_ a________ m_ s____ and w____ k___ m_ o_ f___ i_ c___ h_ h__ o____ publishers w__ w____ w___ m_ w___. H_ w__ v___ c____________ and v__ p___________. I w____ r________ t___ Agency t_ a__ o__.
LORNA, Spain
Sat, Jun 23, 2012: 19:40 (GMT)

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