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F____ Literary M_________, LLC

F____ Literary M_________, LLC

Literary Agency

Established: 2006

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Last updated: September 6, 2019
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Read agent bios on website and decide which agent to approach. Do not submit to multiple agents simultaneously. Each agent has different submission requirements: consult website for details. No unsolicited MSS or multiple submissions.

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Literary Agency

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6__ 9__ A_____, S____ 1___
N__ Y___, N_ 1____
United States


+1 (2__) 4__-1___
+1 (2__) 9__-0___

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S___ q____ t_ E___ H_____, s__ r______ the s___ d__, s_____, s__ r_______ m_ q____ and w____ c_______ and r____ w_____ a s_______ p_____. <b_><b_>I w___ m___ agents w___ t___ c____________.
Ermine, United Kingdom
Tue, Feb 25, 2014: 12:18 (GMT)
E______ s_______ and f____ 1_ p____ t_ M____ J____. 3_ d___ l____ r_______ l_____ r____ f___ M____. A r________ - b__ the w__ i_ w__ e________ i_ n___ p______!
David, United Kingdom
Wed, Jul 06, 2011: 13:13 (GMT)
Agents r______ e___ m___ r_________ t___ m___ a______. R________ c__ m___ d________ t_____ and o____ h__ n______ t_ d_ w___ o__ w___. J___ K_______ s___ m_ a f___, c________ r________ f__ a r_____ I a______ k___. I'm t_____ t_ l_____ p____ f__ m_ e____ book, a s____ s____ c_________ a_ a t___ w___ the p_________ of t___ literary f___ i_ n_______. W_ t____ a f___ p_____ l___ t___ and i_ w_ b______ i_ o__ w___ w_ k___ o_ t______'.
Raul, United States
Tue, Jul 01, 2008: 19:45 (GMT)

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