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International Poetry Competition

Fourteenth poetry competition winners

The Fourteenth International Poetry Competition closed on November 1, 2015 (click here to enter the current competition). Deliberation over the final line-up of winners was long and hard, but by January 2016 the following successful entrants were announced:


Congratulations to A.J. Graham, from Western Cape, South Africa, who wins £200 for submitting the winning poem: "Sunday Mornings".

Sunday Mornings

I awake and it’s Sunday morning
And my eyes open like the yawn of a baby.
And you are almost North like a Saint.
I can’t see your dark and floral, lonely room.
Your arms are slowly egressing from a heavy duvet.
And you are shirtless and dawning, newborn-like
With fresh stains of champagne.
The hair on your chest curls and twirls, springs
Unlike the soft and strong, black delicacy on your head.
It is Sunday again – and we, we ready for this daily routine.
You’ll rub your idleness over my busy brain.
I can’t touch you - sweet and bitter, drifting soul.
Yet, you invite me with an arc across the seas.
Africa is dry and fertile, filled with despair.
But I arrive in your cold and lyrical, white world.
It is Sunday and I know the first beat of your heart.
I lie and reach by the only means – but indirectly so.
And I am a child on his first day of school
As I get ready to wed and pledge, quivering to you.
The television makes a faint noise;
There is a book of misery in my hand.
But you won’t permit these words into my mind.
As the day passes, I have things to do.
But the day is yours, grievingly so.
My home is cold – it never warms.
Jesus was a saviour and fleets, dragging my cross
And you’ll rip it from me – hard like before.
I am just the little obstacle and little hill, comfort
To be embraced like a substitute teacher.
I am your craving of the cold and beautiful, other rivers.

Special commendations

Seven special commendations go out to the following entrants (in no particular order):

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