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Why Fiction And Non-Fiction Are More Related Than You Think – Wednesday July 3, 2019

In my late twenties, after graduate school and a few semesters teaching English at the College of the Virgin Islands on St. Thomas, I decided to spend a period of time writing fiction. My artist mom, Stella Waitzkin, had a messy art studio on 14th Street across from S.Klein’s at Union Square in Manhattan, mostly a place where she stored her large abstract canvases. She loaned it to me to kick off my career as a novelist. It was a chilly soulful place—just perfect for an aspiring writer. My next door neighbor was an Andy Warhol actor of some acclaim, Taylor Mead. Just passing Taylor in the hall on my way into Mom’s studio was inspiring or should have been. He had the most astonishing drooping face that always mirrored a mixture of emotions. Maybe I could write a story about Taylor Mead…but no, that’s not what I wanted to do. That would be cheating, or so I imagined. I wanted to create a grand design of a novel like Tolstoy. So I blasted jazz most afternoons while I sat at my desk trying to pull arresting plots from my brain. Forget Tolstoy, I couldn’t think of a single plot.

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