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Valentine’s Day: Four authors share their thoughts on writing romance – Sunday February 13, 2022

With romantic fiction sales increasing 49% last year, just what is it about these tantalising tales that set our hearts ablaze?

Mills & Boon author Lynne Graham believes happy endings are one of the reasons why the romance genre remains so popular. Penning love stories helped the Ballymena-based author to achieve her very own happy ending when she used her first book payment for a special purpose.

“My first advance paid for us to go out to Sri Lanka, where we adopted two of our children,” Lynne says.

“I had a 10-year-old daughter at the time. It felt like a miracle that the cheque arrived at that moment and it was sufficient to cover the travel expenses, so I’ve never forgotten it.”

The mum-of-five is the bestselling Mills & Boon Presents author, with sales of 42 million worldwide.

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