Traditional Publishing

The World Of Book Publishing Is A Mystery To Many, So We Did Our Best To Show You Behind-The-Scenes – Monday December 19, 2022

Just because an author's name is what's on the front of the book, doesn't mean they're the only one involved!

Do you ever think about how something can go from words on a document to a gorgeous bound book you can hold in your hands?

For books that are traditionally published, this process can take several steps and many different people behind the scenes. So, we wanted to dive in and see what a day in the life might be for folks who are in some of these positions, and luckily, we get to share that with all of you!

Quick reminder, though, that every publisher is different, and every process is different.

Let's imagine this as a journey for our completely and totally made up author Will Shakespeare. Hi, Will! (See below.) In this piece, we'll go through some of the steps you might see in the course of a book's voyage and talk to some epic people who are part of these journeys. Let's get into it.

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