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Kathy Lette: ‘Older women buy most books so why won’t publishers give them what they want?’ – Sunday May 15, 2022

The author, whose books have sold 573,275 physical copies in the UK since 1998 believes literature is failing to keep up with the phenomenon of women aging disgracefully

Older women are easily the biggest consumers of fiction. So why is it so hard for an internationally best-selling author to get novels about them published?

That’s the conundrum that Kathy Lette says she has faced. The author, who helped invent “chick lit”, has used an interview with i to reveal the hard time she has had getting publishers to accept fiction about menopausal women who are enjoying life.

“I’m struggling to get publishers interested in books that celebrate older women in a positive way,” she says. “They’re saying, ‘I don’t know if there’s a market for this.’

“If you’re not the hot, young new thing, they’re reluctant to think that you have an audience out there. But, of course, it’s older women who buy books.”

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