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Fiction submission page



Welcome to the Fiction Submission Page, where you can submit short stories to firstwriter.magazine of up to 3,000 words in any genre or style, and on any subject. Only one story may be submitted per issue. Material will only be considered when submitted using the following form. Fields marked with an asterisk (*) are required.

Your personal details
*Your full name:
Pen-name (if different):
Important: Make sure this is your correct email address or your work will be rejected, regardless of its quality. Your address will not be misused or passed on to any third parties (see our privacy policy)

If you do not abide by our submissions guidelines ALL your submissions will be deleted unread:

  • Stories must be in English.
  • Send only one story per issue. Take note of which issue you are submitting for and do not submit another story until we start accepting submissions for the next issue. If you do, all your submissions will be deleted.
  • Do not send stories already entered in our International Short Story Contest – they are already automatically considered for inclusion in the magazine.
  • To submit your story simply copy and paste your story into the box provided. Don't be worried that the box is only a few lines deep – it can take however much text you want – but please remember our 3,000 words limit.
  • Once your text is in the box don't attempt to format it by hand by adding returns, spaces, or breaking up the text in any other way. This makes it very difficult and time-consuming to handle. Use two returns at the end of each paragraph only.
  • Don't try and imitate the effect of indented paragraphs – we won't display them like that anyway. New paragraphs should be on a new line with a blank line between, even if only short lines of speech. Breaks in the story sometimes indicated by a blank line between paragraphs must be denoted by three stars ***. Do not put spaces between these three stars.
  • To denote italics type [italics start] at the start of the italicised text and [italics end] at the end. 
  • To denote bold text type [bold start] at the start of the bold text and [bold end] at the end.
  • If you choose to use bold and italic formatting please do so carefully. If this is not done correctly part or all of your story may end up in bold or italics. Submissions which arrive entirely or largely in italics or bold will be rejected.
  • Please don't use multiple spaces (including putting two spaces after full stops) – it's very time-consuming to remove them all.
  • Do not send submissions written entirely in capitals. They will not be read.
  • Do not include any HTML code in your submissions. That means no angle brackets ("<" or ">")!
  • By submitting your work you grant the right to edit your work and publish it in multimedia formats, including (but not limited to) website, ebook and print formats, without restriction. reserves the right to republish accepted work in different formats at a later date. You retain the right to publish your work elsewhere and at any time without restriction, but you cannot ask for it to be removed from publication or consideration at firstwriter.magazine or by
  • We will not remove, amend, or discuss the status of any submissions after submission.


Your submission
*Story Title:
*Are you the creator and/or copyright holder of the story?
*Have you registered your story through the IP Rights Office Copyright Registration Service?  
You do not need to have registered your copyright to submit your work
If you would like to register stories for copyright protection, click here. subscribers can receive a 10% discount on registration fees by clicking here.
If so, please enter your CRS registration number here:
Providing a CRS registration number helps us verify that you are the owner of your work, however you can still submit your work even if you do not have a registration number.
*Copy and paste your story into the box below:
(Highlight your text in your word-processor, press cntrl+c, then return to the box below and press cntrl+v)

(This feature will not work if you have JavaScript Disabled)

By clicking submit you give the right to publish your work. You may offer and even publish your work elsewhere simultaneously, however this will not affect our right to publish your work if we choose to do so. Consideration time may be up to or slightly over one year. You cannot withdraw a piece once it has been submitted, either before or after publication.




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