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Welcome to the submission section of firstwriter.magazine, our online literary magazine. Here you can read our submission guidelines and submit poetry and fiction to firstwriter.magazine quickly and simply online, without having to bother with the hassle of SAEs and postage. If your work is accepted and published you will receive a voucher worth $36 / 24 / 36 which you can use to take out an annual subscription to the site for free, including access not only to all issues of the magazine, but all other features of the site, including our magazines database, writing competitions database, and literary agents database.

For each issue you may submit up to three poems (any style, subject, or genre) of up to 30 lines each, and one piece of short fiction up to 3,000 words. When the next issue is published you will be notified by email, at which point you will be welcome to make further submissions. Please do not exceed the submission limits or your work will not be considered.

For your best chance of inclusion, you should consult back issues of firstwriter.magazine to see what kind of material has been included in the past. You can subscribe and gain access to ALL the back-issues for only 2.99 / $4.49 by clicking here. Once you are ready to make your submission click on one of the links below:

We are currently accepting material for issue 32, to be published winter 2017/18. Issue 32 will be the last issue of firstwriter.magazine.

Publishing schedule
Submission Period
Submissions Status
Issue #32 Opened to submissions January 23, 2017 Scheduled for release winter 2017/18 Currently accepting submissions
Issue #31 July 21, 2016 - January 23, 2017 Scheduled for release summer 2017 Submissions are closed and under consideration
Issue #30 January 14, 2016 - July 21, 2016 Published winter 2016/17 Accepted submissions have been published; all those not published have been declined.
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