Issue #30

Winter 2015/16


This issue includes the winner and special commendations from the Twelfth International Short Story Contest, listed below.

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Dusk at the Plaza de Armas

By Sam Palmer

United Kingdom

Special Commendations
The Getaway

By G.J. Prager

United States

The Light that Brought The Dark

By Michael Bray

United Kingdom

Joy to the World

By Mandy Grey

United Kingdom

I Killed Your Son

By Michael Woodworth Fuller

United States

Kicking The Coffin Nails

By Joanna Nell


The Blind Truth

By Gillian Brown


Lemonade Day

By Richard Buxton

United Kingdom

That's what we will call you

By Joanne beckensall

United Kingdom

Sally Loves Joey

By Daniel Lombardi

United States

Kokako Song

By Julie Dawn

United Kingdom

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