Issue #27

Summer 2015


This issue includes the winner and special commendations from the Thirteenth International Poetry Competition, listed below.

To enter your poem in the current competition, please click here.

At The Land's End

By Diane Simkin

United Kingdom

Special Commendations
The Sound of Writers

By Jonnah McClintock

United States

When I'm Asleep

By JoWonder

United Kingdom

Not enough

By Liz Smith

United Kingdom

Chilean Miners- The Trapped Hours

By Nicollette Foreman

United Kingdom

Forgotten Stellar Destinies

By Georgina Ansa

United Kingdom

Violette, Malbec and Tears

By Yvonne Wandera

United Kingdom

Time Past, Time Present

By Ute Carson

United States

Clean Thinking

By Sue Barnard

United Kingdom

Beach Pottery Mosaic

By Annest Gwilym

United Kingdom

Stir of the Teaspoon

By David chrzanowski

United Kingdom

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