Issue #26

Winter 2014/15


This issue includes the winner and special commendations from the Tenth International Short Story Contest, listed below.

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The Knitted Eeyore

By Veronica Sims

United Kingdom

Special Commendations

By Rose Dennen

United Kingdom

A Very Special Present

By Christine Cox

United Kingdom

The Ditch

By Sheila Blackburn

United Kingdom

Director's Cut

By Andrew Campbell-Kearsey

United Kingdom

Tin Cans

By Lucille Bellucci

United States

The Rifleman

By Jack McDonald Burnett

United States

You're Only Young Twice

By Kay Ellis

United Kingdom

Cats and Dogs

By Annest Gwilym

United Kingdom

The Grave Robbers

By Barbara Lorna Hudson

United Kingdom

The Potter

By Barbara R. Cohn

United States

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