Issue #23
Summer Fruits
Home Winners Fiction Poetry Submit


Welcome to the poetry section of firstwriter.magazine issue 23, containing pieces of poetry by 10 different authors. Please click on the links below to view the pieces featured in this issue of the magazine.

The Epiphone Casino
By Daniel Kuzman
Bed Sheets
By Carolyn Phillips
United Kingdom
Find Me Beneath the Routine
By Eleanor Sutherland
United Kingdom
Warm Honey
By Annest Gwilym
United Kingdom
Diurnal Lights
By Leoman Carter
United Kingdom
The Invisible Moon
By Arif Khan
United States
Personal Unexistance
By Jessica Warrior
Around it was silent
By Mihaela Tudor
Ballad for New Orleans
By Ariel Kohn
United States
The Half Village
By Keith Manning
United Kingdom 2013