Issue #22
Crystal Clear
Home Winners Fiction Poetry Submit


Welcome to the poetry section of firstwriter.magazine issue 22, containing pieces of poetry by 10 different authors. Please click on the links below to view the pieces featured in this issue of the magazine.

The Origin of Species
By Austin Phillip McCarron
United Kingdom
Single Bed
By Mark Jermy
United Kingdom
The Fight
By Tushar
By Veeran Kutty
In Bed at Nine
By Sultan
United Kingdom
My Beautiful Grief
By Francois Cornelius
United Kingdom
How Am I?
By Jesse Gildesgame
South Africa
Stripped arouse the blanket, making passionate love to the cozy sofa
By Sarzah Yeasmin
Et Philos
By Bazza
United Kingdom
Noise Abatement 1959
By Jennifer Guilliard
United Kingdom 2013